Match each of the following conversion metrics that you can use to view conversion data with the correct description.

  • Cost per conversion (Cost/conv.) – Tells you how much, on average, each of your conversions cost. It’s calculated by dividing your total cost by the number in your “Conversions” column . Cost per Conversion (Cost/Conv.) gives you an average of how much your conversions have cost. Cost/conv. = total cost ÷ conversions
  • Conversion rate (Conv. rate) – Tells you how often, on average, an ad click or other ad interaction leads to a conversion. It’s calculated by dividing “Conversions” by the total eligible interactions (like ad clicks or video ad views. Conv. rate = number of conversions ÷ total interactions
  • Conversion value (Conv. value) – Is the sum of conversion values for your “Conversions.” You have to enter a value for your conversion actions
  • Conversion value per click (Conv. value/click) – Is your total conversion value divided by the number of eligible clicks. All conv. value/click = total value of all conversions ÷ total number of clicks
  • Conversion value per cost (Conv. value/cost) – Estimates your return on investment. It’s calculated by dividing your total conversion value by the total cost of all ad interactions. Conv. value/cost = total value of your conversions ÷ total cost of clicks on your ads

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